How does it work?

Below you will find the answers to all your questions.

Why the name ZeroFollowers?

It has three meanings:

  1. No one does this like us.
  2. Why not? We think out of the box to be able to provide a unique service; we are pioneers with plenty of common sense, making it hard for anyone else to follow our example.
  3. We feel that the ‘standard’ amounts customers usually pay should be lowered drastically – maybe even right down to Zero.

Will you join our customer-friendly revolution?

Why ZeroFollowers?

This concept is more than just an innovation or an improvement – it is a completely new movement.
Incoming invoices, cash movements, VAT returns, annual financial statements and the like will never be the same again.
And in particular, they will become cheaper – and more accessible.
Large companies can save up to 50% on accounting costs and their annual financial statement by using ZeroFollowers.
New entrepreneurs (starting at a mere 10 invoices or cash movements a year) are good to go for about €400.
Including an annual statement at the end of the year: in short, less than €30 a month.

Who came up with ZeroFollowers?

Entrepreneurs themselves, in fact. There was a need for a new way of doing business when it comes to record keeping and accountancy. Fairer, faster, and much cheaper.
ZeroFollowers is just as refreshing for everyone, ranging from start-ups that are just venturing out into the business world and large, established companies to self-employed people.
Switching to ZeroFollowers is easy.
The initiator of ZeroFollowers was its parent company, Misseyer & Van Dorssen BV. Not just any old company, clearly! Misseyer & Van Dorssen has been an established player in the field of balancing accounts, compiling annual financial statements, supervising difficult takeovers or mergers, and international financial collaboration. As a ZeroFollowers customer, you can count on all of the expertise and experience and the extensive network of these seasoned professionals, but there is one crucial difference compared to more expensive concepts: only when you need to. If you have no need of our additional services for months on end, you pay only the very affordable basic rate during those months.

What is ZeroFollowers’ secret?

The good news is that we have no secrets.
Our customers, the ZeroFollowers users, always know exactly where they stand with us.
Simple standard tasks like reading in invoices are done automatically, like in any other modern administrative office. However, we simply admit to it, instead of charging customers exorbitant fees for ‘patient manual work’.
By the way, when we at ZeroFollowers say ‘automatically’, we mean this in a unique, advanced, double-checked way. Check & Double Check.

I’m not ill, so why a ‘GP feature’?

We felt that the comparison was rather apt. No helpdesk manned by interns who have only just made it through their adjustment period on the job: instead, our customers always have the option of a consultation with an all-round professional when they need advice. A financial expert, in our case, who is aware of all of the potential complaints and aches you may have and knows just how to heal them. Just as accessible as your GP. And to take the comparison a bit further, consider this: you are never asked to pay for a whole year of medical attention by several specialists when nothing is wrong with you just yet, right? Our ‘GP’ is your sensible go-to person for answering all of your questions, who only ever refers you to a specialist if it is really necessary. This way, you feel secure at all times.

What are the exact costs?

First of all, let us say it costs very little. Fixed, low rates for each activity or service: exactly what you need, and no more than that. The services we offer include entering incoming invoices, processing cash movements, handling VAT returns, updating bank statements, and compiling annual financial statements.

No matter what, you are always entitled to access our online ZeroFollowers environment using a safe, specially created email address. Your account can also be accessed by your own accountant or consultant, to facilitate any audits.

The extras
Discussion of your annual financial statements, advice regarding any investments you intend to make, financial plans for the future, planning, expansion, safely doing business abroad, avoiding risks.

Major advantage
Always keep your finger on the pulse. ZeroFollowers does not blindly enter data, but also alerts you in time to any situation that requires additional advice, regardless of whether the issue is an accounting issue, or a payroll one.